My Story

One of my favorite songs released in recent years is a Big Daddy Weave song “My Story”:

Excerpt: If I told you my story, you would hear hope that wouldn’t let go. If I told you my story, you would hear love that never gave up. (Video here)

The song includes all the things that most churches talk about 90% of the time…mercy, love, forgiveness, surrender, humility, greatness. And I get it. Why take the time to try to put into words all of the specific events and mistakes that all lead to the same human story we hear time and again?

Because not to tell my story minimizes what God has specifically done in my life. It makes the miracles he has done in my life routine, predictable, and generic. More than that,- the real essence of the problem with just talking about God coming through-is that it gives me an ‘out’ from telling the depth of my darkness and depravity when God burst into my life and saved it. I cannot effectively help people in need continue to have hope when I am not willing to meet them where they are.

Let me assure you. I am willing to meet you where you are, or alternatively am willing to just share my own perspective on any spiritual questions you might have as you make your way through this crazy life.

I am a born again Christian that has been through much with marital infertility, divorce, unemployment, and other chapters that provide the backdrop for how God has been working in my life to deconstruct it so that a new foundation could be put in place to support what is now being rebuilt in ways I never could have orchestrated. Where I was the architect before, I am now just along for the ride as I see how the story ends. I have today.

I cherish my time in my career and with my daughter today as I await the next leg of the journey.

Should you want to talk further about spiritual matters, see the link to free and paid services I offer for spiritual coaching.




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