Deconstruction & Me

Through the years, it has become evident that happiness and the making of it is complex. It is my observation that people are generally happy when they are living out actively the expressions of many dimensions of their personalities. It varies for everyone. Some people have only 1-2 dominant interests or skills or passions that others generally associate with them. Conversely, some people have many dominant interests and passions – so many that they are hard for friends and family to understand in terms of what drives them, etc.

This site is actually an active reminder for me of those very important dimensions of me that, when executed broadly, make me feel whole and unfragmented. The site is also a direct roadmap to the linkages between my personality/interests and the outcomes of my life – links to my businesses, to my corporate career profile, etc.

This process of deconstruction? It’s done, and it was not fun. Along the road were many obstacles as I learned what makes me tick, what keeps me excited to get up every day, and what keeps me feeling purposeful about my life. But in hindsight, I always knew that there was no single ‘thing’ that kept the flame lit inside of me. I learned along the way that I must keep all of these balls juggling at the same time, or the fire dims and smoulders.

So there are no longer absolutes in my life. If I do this, it doesn’t mean I necessary do that. So I have a new job, but does that mean that I need to shut down the creative aspects of my life that were being used to run a company? No, it doesn’t. It now means I constantly plan and create in my space and rearchitect my plans to fit the changing landscape, but it doesn’t mean I give up one dimension of my life to satisfy another.

My business that I conceived initially in 2003 and founded in 2009 is called Coming2Unity. Its mission is broadly focused on my worldviews about people, my interpersonal views about relationships, and my internal views about self-actuation and self-fulfillment. Coming2Unity represents the overarching idea that we are all put here trying to get back to a familiar source of wholeness, love, and unity within our world. It is deeply spiritual, while also profoundly practical, in how it serves my life and represents me. There is nothing in my interests that is not intended to be represented by Coming2Unity is some direct way.

Coming2Unity does volunteer work, creates and sustains community, puts my employable skills to work for productivity, and attempts to impact global problems locally.

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