Need Help? Develop A Plan for Change.


Need Help?
Need Help?

Career Coaching & Life Change

Industry research provides evidence that active planning & life change can promote better long-term health.

Need Help? I have the Passion.

With 10+ years of management and a Masters in Counseling, Tamra has a passion for helping people that need help to navigate their careers & optimize their lives. As a result, she focuses on all opportunities to assist others in career planning and changes.

Need Help? I Have the Experience.

We live in unpredictable times with changes coming. Therefore, most people will need assistance exploring career options that match their interests, goals, and financial needs.

Tamra is driven by her life experience and is equipped through education and job experiences. As a result of years of providing services to all sizes of business customers, her focus on coaching through career change is a natural fit.

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Need Help? I Have the Training.

Life Coaching emerged with an emphasis on the partnership of client and coach around problem-solving rather than a medical diagnosis.  Therefore, it is an alternative to counseling.

Many job dissatisfaction issues spiral into more serious problems such as anxiety and depression. Therefore, coaching is a proactive way of resolving issues early. Develop a plan now.

Tamra has formal training as a counselor and respects the boundary where assisting a client may require partnering with a counselor.

Need Help? I’ll See You Through It.

Tamra offers Business Services that align perfectly with many client needs as a natural outcome of coaching and consultative work together. The realities of our digital economy are pushing more people toward entrepreneurial interests, often by necessity. With a plan, you can hedge those risks by building early.

Tamra has services that take you fully through the assessment of your skills/interests, plan development, and plan implementation. She believes the most common sources of personal dissatisfaction for US populations will center around career and income problems that can be solved with technology and planning.


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