Microsoft Office 365 – A Bargain for the Micro Business

Office 365 & The Cloud Is Transforming Micro Businesses

Microsoft Office has been around for years. What is so exciting about Office 365, and why has it fueled Microsoft’s rebirth?

Office 365 and the Hype

If you still think of Microsoft Office as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Outlook, take another look. The fuel driving Office 365 is the flexibility, the range of services available, and the mere fact that cloud computing options eliminate IT staffing needs for many small businesses (see article for some thoughts around this).

Office 365 and the Enabling Services

In not too distant past, small business were looking at costly solutions for online appointments, invoicing customers, bookkeeping, etc.  Office 365 and other cloud solutions are transforming the competitive landscape by constantly expanding the breadth of available services while hardly budging on price.

Microsoft introduced the Business Center recently that provides the following basic services to small businesses, in addition to all the core Office suite applications (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc):

  • Maintains connections to business listings with Facebook, Google My Business, Yelp, and Bing via  Microsoft Listings

  • Provides online scheduling capabilities via Microsoft Bookings
  • Provides automated invoicing via Microsoft Invoices
  • Provides built-in marketing campaign automation integrated with a Contacts center via Microsoft Connections

How much would you assume I pay for these services? Not too long ago, I would be paying anywhere from $6-20/month for each of these services. This all costs a total of approximately $10/month total and provides all the services I need to run a basic micro-business.

Office 365 – Want a Tour or More Info?

I would be happy to demo Office 365 for you or just talk with you about your business goals and whether Office 365 is a fit. You can book a free consult with me for more info!

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