I spent much of my life living in a binary perspective on life choices – the black/white of which direction to go, what I was meant to do, where I should live, etc.  As I made my way through major unexpected life changes starting around age 30, I have slowly found my place in life where I could live out my authentic passions and interests without constantly feeling I had to always be defined only by a single role.

I enjoy many roles that are equally important to me these days. I am a mother, a daughter, a dedicated corporate worker, a small business manager, a consultant, and a community service provider. With each change I must make to juggle my basic necessities, I have learned to flexibly adapt the rest of my roles to align and fit into my life in a new way.

My full-time work is in the technology industry, which I truly love and am driven by. My hobbyist ventures include a small company I do community service through in evenings and weekends whenever time allows.

And, of course, all of my various roles and priorities revolve around my amazing daughter that I am so blessed to be stumbling through life with.

Numerous obstacles have defined me and exploded my life in various ways, opening the door for me to figure out how to reassimilate and turn those obstacles into a new part of my life and a new ‘dimension of me’. Without the obstacles, I would have little inspiration to help others and to do more, so I embrace them and look forward to seeing where God takes this adventure next!