Is Coaching the Right Fit?

Counseling or Coaching?

Counseling is increasingly aligned with insurance and medical treatments. Counseling trends toward behavioral changes are preventing many effective helpers from working with clients as listeners and encouragers.

The world is complex. It always has been, but the shift in work opportunities in the past 20 years has made things exponentially complex as we look at the decisions we are making for our lives and our families.

The pressures weigh heavily, but we have more options than ever. Most people need trusted mentors to work through these options with, often as an alternative to the LPC counseling route.

Counseling is essential when we experience stress, trauma, or medical conditions that require a treatment plan and monitoring. However, we often just need a skilled listener with training to constructively partner with us and help us think through our options and make decisions. We need a ‘sounding board’ and someone to help us stick with the plan.

Need Help With Community?

Isolation has become the norm with increasing trends toward social networking and diminished face/face time with people as our workspaces shrink and we acclimate to the realities of home offices.

Picking up some good habits with social networks, along with being deliberate with decisions around social priorities, can take a person from isolation to a balanced healthy ‘connected’ space.

Need Help with Career/Work?

Gone are the days of finding a good company to work for the duration of one’s career. We are all under constant pressures at work with global labor rate gaps, trends toward offshoring and outsourcing, and increasing costs of living. The situation can overwhelm any of us.

With thoughtful assessment of one’s skills and interests, combined with the encouragement to think entrepreneurially, most people can find a path to resiliency even through the storms that inevitably hit us these days.

Need a Listener & Some Honest Feedback?

Schedule a free consultation if you are feeling the pressures and stresses of life but cannot really connect to the idea of ‘getting counseling’. There are many trained professionals that equip and enable people through complex life changes. They are often business consultants, they are sometimes life coaches, they are often pastors/educators….they are always Helpers.

Set up a free consultation today if you would like to talk about where you are in life and may be interested in exploring some changes.